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  I finished reading the little peas in the window, and I felt a great deal about it. He was a bad boy in the eyes of most parents and teachers. The teachers hated her and thought she was noisy and disobedient. However, when it came to the park, everything was different. The headmaster was not as strict as the other teachers.

  It seemed like an incredible thing to do in the tram, but the headmaster did it, and he didnt get impatient when he talked for more than four hours. When he saw the small doudou cesspit of things into a hill, he didnt lose his temper, not scold her not obedient, just light said 1: "remember back after finish."

  Who doesnt like such a school?


  I read the book of Robinson Crusoe, their captors.

  Article describes multiple sailing in the whole island, Crusoe masters of extraordinary survival 28 years experience, strive for survival, show the ingenuity and a man with indomitable perseverance in the face of hardship persistent existence desire, the lonely and eager to rescue the mood. In a lonely island overcome Robinson was done with fear, a savage and said he was "on Friday, they get along with each other, then built on Friday, Crusoe one kind of warm friendship." I also enjoy the disclosure of the business concept: Crusoe each sailing and adventure has clear commercial purpose, with his own property and calculating profit, he will also oneself life the island is his territory, in addition to reveal its economic thought, I admire John Robinsons rich, more learning his strong initiative and spirit of adventure, early efforts, hard work, and perfect kindness thought!


Several years ago, when I was a little girl I have already read the novel Jane Eyre. At that time, I was attracted by the touching story. But today, after watching the movie, I was moved by Jane, the adamant, independent, brave and honest girl. Why did we say Jane was an adamant and independent girl? Let’s look at her childhood. Her parents died when she was a little girl, so she was brought up by her aunt Mrs. Reed, an acute and ruthless woman. Jane led a very bad life in her house. They treated her as badly as a ragtag. But Jane didn’t surrender. Later, she was sent to Lowood school,an orphan school. In there she didn’t get what she had been expecting——simply being regarded as a common person, just the same as any other girl around. Mr. Brocklehurste even asked Jane to stand on the chair and vilipended her in front of all the students. But Jane didn’t yielded. And her only friend Helen died, Jane was very sad, but she was not depressive all the time. Instead, she studied and worked energetically. At last, she became a teacher of logwood, and later became the family teacher of Adele. From her experience, we could found that Jane was independent; she changed her fate by herself. She suffered more than other girls at her age. She was independent both in physically and mentally.

  Jane was brave. She dared to say no to Mr. Brocklehurst, cut her beautiful hair with Helen, and pull the horse for Mr. Rochester. What’s more, she dared to accepted Mr. Rochester’s love and pursuit of her own happy life. Though she said:“ Do you think because I am poor, obscure, and little. I am soulless and heartless? You think wrong!—I have as much soul as you—-and full as much heart! And if God had gifted me with some beauty and much wealth, I should have made it was hard for you to leave me, as it is not for me to leave you. I am not talking to you now through the medium of custom, conventionalities, nor even of mortal flesh; it is my spirit that addresses your spirit; just as it both had passed through the grave, and we stood at God’s feet, In her opinion, everyone is the same at the God’s feet. God hadn’t given her beauty and wealth, but instead, God gave her a kind mind and a thinking brain. These words expressed complete1y Jane ’s rebellious spirit.She told him her own feeling, and emphasized that they were equal.

  As we know, there was strict distinguish in social stratum at that time. Mr. Rochester was in the high society, but Jane was only a family teacher. They were in quite different social stratums. What’s worse, in that society,people’s sense of love was on the basis of money.For the sake of money they could marry anyone even though the husband or the wife was an idiot on their eyes,money was everything,money was marriage. But unfortunately Jane was very poor. That’s to say, Jane should receive much rumor from society. In fact, she didn’t afraid of it. On the contrary, she accepted with no hesitation. When she knew Rochester’s wife was dead and he was blind, she went to look after Rochester determinedly. She didn’t care about anything else. And I still remember at the party, all the people from the high society laughed at Jane, they looked down upon Jane. She kept silent though her heart was very exciting. And to their surprise, Miss Ingrain was proved to be a loser, Jane defeated her though Jane had no property and beauty.Jane’ s plainness, poverty, position and disposition were contrasted to Ingrain obviously.Jane drove away those aristocrats from competitive stage.High position and great wealth showed by noble class was put aside.Jane got glorious victory.

  Jane was self-respected and self-love. When she knew Rochester had a mad wife and she was still alive. Jane left. She couldn’t bare an incomplete love. She left her lover Rochester with contradiction and pain. Though she still loved him very much. She chose another road, which was endless. She was kind and strict to the moral concept. She couldn’t accept herself do something against the morality. She was self-respect.

  To sum up, Jane was a charming girl .What she attracted us was not the beautiful face, lovely figure, and sweet voice .But her brave heart, intelligent brain and adamant character. So we didn’t surprise that Mr. Rochester chose Jane as his bride instead of Miss Ingrain. Because Jane was much mature and richer in soul. As a girl, I should learn from Jane. Especially in the materialistic society we should be in charge of our own fate. Don’t depend on others all the time. We should be independent .Don’t lead a luxurious life and in hope of marring a rich man, thinking that your husband would change your fate, your social position. That’s silly. We should realize that only depend on your own struggle then you could really charge your fate. What’s more, we need to be self-respect and self-love. As far as I am concerned, as a girl if you don’t respect and love yourself, so how do you require others to respect you? In short, we need to learn from Jane Eyre.


  TheRedandtheBlackisaprofoundandwittybookabouttheriseofapoor,handsomeandintellectuallygifted,youngprovincialintothesalonsofHighSocietyinParis. Handsomeandambitious,JulienSorelisdeterminedtoriseabovehishumblepeasantoriginsandmakesomethingofhislife-byadoptingthecodeofhypocrisybywhichhissocietyoperates.Julienultimatelycommitsacrime-outofpassion,principle,orinsanity-thatwillbringabouthisdownfall.TheRedandtheBlackisalively,satiricalpictureofFrenchRestorationsocietyafterWaterloo,riddledwithcorruption,greed,andennui.Thecomplex,sympatheticportrayalofJulien,thecoldexploiterwhoseMachiavelliancampaignisundercutbyhisownemotions,makeshimStendhalsmostbrilliantandhumancreation-andoneofthegreatestcharactersinEuropeanliterature.  Ireallyenjoyedthisbook.Unlikemanyreviewers,Ifeelthebookdoestranscendtime.Americanpeopleandculturetoday,computersandall,arealotlikethoseinStendhals19thcenturyFrance.  Themaincharactersstrikemeasreal,andquitecomplex.Julienisatypicaladolescent/youngadult:Idealistic,searchingandunsureofhimself.Tome,itisamazingtowhathowtheworldinteractswithandaltershisself-image.Mathildeisequallyinteresting.Sheremindsmeofaflightyalternativegirl,lookingforadreamofsimmeringromance.AndMMEdeRenalisawonderful,believablewoman,fallinginlovelateinlife,victimofthemissinghusbandsyndrome.  Likepeopletoday,Stedhalscharactersareabundleofcontradictions.IsJulienavillain,anangel,aself-servingclimberoramantrulyinlove,searchingforhishigherself?Alooforloveable?IsMMEdeRenaladevout,moralpatroness,devotedtoherfamily,orthevilestofadulators,readytoturnherbackondutyforthesimmeroflove?IsMathildesubmissive,orarrogantanddominant?Theanswertoallquestionsisyes.Wearealldivided.  Behonestwithyourselfforaminute.Arentpeoplesometimescruel,andsometimeskind;Sometimes,honest,sometimesmildlydeceitful,tellingwhitelies,andsometimesbold-facedliars?SinceStendhalisfaithfultothis,anddoesnotgiveuscharacterinblackandwhite,hehasproducedamasterpiece.


  The story includes three parts.They are respectively talking about:Gulliver in Lilliput,in Brobdingnag,and in Houyhnms.

  Gulliver travels to the South their way to the East Indies,a strong wind carried them to the wrong of the people died.Some days later,he comes to Lilliput,everything is small there.Three days later,he comes to Brobdingnag.This country is opposite from Lilliput,the thing are huge,very huge!Then he travels to a place called Houyhnms,which is also very interesting.